Three Things to Buy if You Want to Spice Up Your Love Life

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If your love life has become a bit dull, you might want to consider adding the following items to your basket the next time you go shopping. Bondage restraints Bondage restraints can make the intimate moments that you share with your partner a lot more exciting. This type of item can allow you to experiment with adopting a more submissive or dominant role in the bedroom; if you want to try out the former, you can ask your partner to tie you up.

11 December 2017

3 Perfect Gift Ideas For The Rockabilly Gal In Your Life

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Buying the perfect gift for a special woman can be a tricky task. This can be even trickier if your loved one has a very particular style that they adhere to, especially if they're part of a counterculture that has very specific style rules. The Rockabilly style is one of these countercultures, and it embraces the pinup look which was popularised during the 1950s. If you're looking for a gift for your Rockabilly loved one but you're unsure what to buy, then here are three items that will light up their eyes every time.

15 August 2017

Great practical gifts for diabetics who are on bed rest

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If you have a diabetic friend or family member on bed rest, it can be hard to know what gifts to get them to help them with their recovery. Here are some ideas that are both luxurious and comfortable, as well as helping your loved one recover more quickly.  Sheepskin slippers Diabetics are often vulnerable to swelling and oedema which can make them very uncomfortable. They can also get infections in small foot sores, including pressure sores which can develop on bed rest.

14 February 2017