Choosing the Right Microphone for Recording a Ukulele

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The ukulele has become an extremely popular instrument in recent years, and it's easy to see why. Ukuleles have a low starting price compared to other instruments, and they're compact enough that you can take your uke with you wherever you go. To top it all off, there are quite a few chords that beginners can learn easily, so you can get strumming some songs almost immediately.

Once you've practised enough to build your confidence, you might find yourself wanting to record yourself playing. In the internet age, it's easier than ever before to share your music with the world, but getting a good quality recording is important. Although a lot of factors come into play when you're recording, it's professional microphones that do the job of picking up your sound, so spend time choosing the right one.

Mics vs. pickups

If you have an electro-acoustic ukulele, you might be tempted to just plug into your recorder. You may also have seen small, stick-on pickups that seem like the best way to record.

Pickups will do the job, but they're better for amplification than recording. The reason for this is that they lose a lot of the character of your ukulele, the unique combination of material, strings and playing style. The only way to really capture all this is to use a microphone.

Condenser microphone 

To simplify and cut down your choices, stick to condenser microphones to begin with, rather than dynamic or other types.

Condenser mics are sensitive enough to catch the intricacy of a ukulele's sound, so they're ideal for getting a good quality recording with the full range of frequencies. This is important on a ukulele, which has a less powerful low end than other acoustic instruments. Dynamic mics are better suited to loud, amplified instruments than acoustic ones.

Microphone direction

The direction of a microphone is quite straightforward: it tells you how wide an area it will pick up sound within.

For recording a ukulele, choose a unidirectional mic. It will only collect sound from one direction – the one you point it in, which will be your instrument.

Adding vocals

If you want to record vocals on top of your ukulele, it's best to get a second microphone so you can keep one pointed at the instrument's sound hole for good recording quality. Some people use dynamic mics for singing because they find condensers too sensitive for the job.

Advanced tricks

When you get more into recording, you can try adding extra microphones at different points around the room. This captures more of the natural acoustics and can give interesting effects. You can also experiment with directionality and the difference between dynamic and condenser mics.


2 April 2018

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