3 Perfect Gift Ideas For The Rockabilly Gal In Your Life

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Buying the perfect gift for a special woman can be a tricky task. This can be even trickier if your loved one has a very particular style that they adhere to, especially if they're part of a counterculture that has very specific style rules. The Rockabilly style is one of these countercultures, and it embraces the pinup look which was popularised during the 1950s. If you're looking for a gift for your Rockabilly loved one but you're unsure what to buy, then here are three items that will light up their eyes every time.

1. Shoes

It's a common generalisation that women love shoes. In the Rockabilly world, this generalisation is more like a statement of fact, and you can be sure that your loved one will never be persuaded that they can have too many pairs.

There are many websites and stores that sell ranges of pin-up style shoes. These are traditionally made from leather and feature chunky heels, elegant ankle straps and a range of brightly coloured and decorative leather uppers.

It's very helpful to know your loved one's shoe size, but even so, make sure that the vendor has a returns policy so they can be replaced if they don't fit. If you're ordering from an overseas vendor, make sure that you know what the equivalent shoe size is for that country. For ideas, check out companies like Nichole Jade Boutique.

2. Hair accessories

As well as the right apparel, the full Rockabilly style is all about the hair. Stylish, oversized curls and a high-gloss finish are an essential part in creating the desired look, and most Rockabilly gals will spend a great deal of time perfecting their coif.

As well as the style, hair accessories are a must-have. A bright and patterned bandana will be a hit as a gift, as will hair clip bows using an assortment of retro or kitsch fabrics. Flowers are also a popular choice for hair accessories, so a large, bright and colourful rose clip will also be a wonderful gift.

3. A swimsuit

With winter almost over, it will soon be time for your Rockabilly loved one to hit the beach. Let them look their retro best in a vintage-style swimsuit that embraces the modest yet glamourous summer style of the 50s.

Vintage swim wear comes in a wide array of retro prints such as flamingoes, watermelons and the classic polka dots. They can be bought in either a flattering one-piece style or a slightly more daring two-piece bikini which still provides plenty of coverage and is designed to enhance natural curves.


15 August 2017

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