Great practical gifts for diabetics who are on bed rest

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If you have a diabetic friend or family member on bed rest, it can be hard to know what gifts to get them to help them with their recovery. Here are some ideas that are both luxurious and comfortable, as well as helping your loved one recover more quickly. 

Sheepskin slippers

Diabetics are often vulnerable to swelling and oedema which can make them very uncomfortable. They can also get infections in small foot sores, including pressure sores which can develop on bed rest. These conditions, if left untreated, can lead to serious consequences such as amputation.

Sheepskin slippers are comfortable and easy to fit onto swollen feet, as well as having natural moisture wicking qualities which leads to feet staying drier and cooler. The wool fibres are also naturally springy and supportive, which leads to better air flow and less friction-related wear on the feet. This can help your friend to feel more comfortable while they are recovering and limit small foot injuries.

Sheepskin blankets and underlays

Hospital beds and trolleys can be hard and uncomfortable. Whilst wool has an image of being a warm fabric, it can be a relatively comfortable fabric even in warm temperatures as it allows airflow around the body (which is often an issue with plastic lined or metallic hospital equipment). This means that sheepskin throws can be a great care item because they can be used both for additional warmth as well as softening harsh surfaces.

Soft toilet paper and tissues

People who are on bed rest can often get uncomfortable and have trouble with bowel movements. This can be a delicate subject to discuss, but it can often be very useful to have a supply of soft and more comfortable toilet paper to help stay comfortable during toileting, particularly if people need to use bed pans or are in the hospital for a long period. Additionally, soft tissues can be useful to wipe eyes and noses, as well as removing excess lotions after ultrasounds or other tests.

If you are looking for some useful and practical gifts for a diabetic loved one who is on bedrest (either at home or in the hospital), it can be useful to think about giving them some new sheepskin slippers or a throw. These gifts can make their bed rest more comfortable and hopefully ensure that they recover and get back to normal activities as soon as possible. 


14 February 2017

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