Features to Choose in a Restaurant Point of Sale System

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When running a restaurant, your menu and the overall atmosphere are very important, but so is the point of sale system you choose. This type of system will make processing orders faster and easier on you and your staff, and can offer many features that are needed specifically for a food service business. Note a few of those features here so you can be sure to find them when you're ready to upgrade or replace your current point of sale system, or if you're just opening a restaurant and are investing in your first point of sale system.

1. Online ordering

Many customers prefer to place an online order at a restaurant so they can then pick up their food at a takeout counter very quickly; this is convenient for those who are heading home from the office and especially don't want to wait for their food when they're not even going to be eating at the restaurant. Be sure that your point of sale system works with an online ordering feature that you can connect to your restaurant's website, and especially if your restaurant is located near businesses that often gets customers heading home from their work. Also, be sure that it offers space for special instructions such as removing certain ingredients and allows customers to set a time for when they'll arrive.

2. Time restrictions

Some areas may restrict the day and time at which you can serve alcohol, for example, not allowing it on Sunday mornings before noon. You may also want to put certain time restrictions on various dishes, such as not serving dinner portions before 5 p.m. or not serving lunch portions after this time. Whatever the use, it's good to have this time restriction feature built into your point of sale system so that it flags such ordering. This way, your wait staff or customers ordering online don't overlook these restrictions as they try to enter orders on the menu, and you don't need to tell them of these restrictions after an order has been placed.

3. Tip figuring

If your eatery allows tipping of the staff, you might want a point of sale system that figures such tips and prints them out onto the receipt. This would mean a small chart under the total due that shows the tip for 10 per cent, 15 per cent, 20 per cent and so on. By having this chart right on the receipt, customers are encouraged to remember the tip and they can easily note the right amount to leave for their wait staff.

Consider these options and more as you look at point of sale software for your restaurant.


27 December 2016

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